Horses are emotional animals. Every bit of behavior is an emotional communication. Horses respond, command, partner with emotions. Horses are right-brained, and if we want to communicate with them it must be from our right-brain. The hard part about this is that we struggle when the answer to a problem is not a bit of logic, an algorithm, a conceptual model, a set of principles, etc., and the beauty is we get to stop struggling and just be with our emotions. Therefore, training horses is a path, not a destination. The infinite subtlety of our emotional connection with horses continues to evolve. As we are teaching them to yield, they are teaching us about ourselves and our need to yield in our relationships with family, friends, and the community at large.

Emotions to Yielding: The answer to the problem of getting a horse to yield is to yield to our emotions and communicate emotionally with this right-brained animal. Emotional communication creates strength in communicating and strength in yielding.